Editing Other People’s Writing

Is it just me or is it easy to start editing other people’s work rather than starting on or completing your own?

Over the past two days I have been editing someone else’s book. And, looking back, finding the time to do that seemed effortless. Why couldn’t it be the case for mine?

I must say, I had a good couple of weeks editing my first novel and writing my second but I’m now finding that I try to find gaps in my day to work on them. Something always seems to come up in the mornings, and by the time it’s night time I’m so exhausted. It was working so well for a while. What gives?

Hopefully everything will settle and I’ll be back to my lovely morning book times.


A Night/Early Morning Writer

There used to be a time where I could write anytime I felt like it but that has since changed and now I find that I’m either a night or early morning writer. I do a lot of research and connecting the dots in the morning and more writing at night. 

I’ve recently adopted the age old quote, “where there’s a will there’s a way” because that’s what it is for me right now. I feel stuck in a rut if I’m not doing what I love! 

I’m still editing my first novel and I’ve begun my second novel, which I absolutely love. The goal is to have it completed by the end of the year and to have a plan for publishing (self or traditional – still undecided) going into next. 

I might need to adjust my time/schedule of writing or editing at a later date as situations change but, right now, if it’s not broken why fix it?

Happy writing and/or editing, everyone!

Writers’ Groups

I’ve never been part of a writers’ group so I’m not sure what to expect. I envision everyone sitting on chairs in a circle with completed manuscripts in hand, staring at each other (to start with anyway), and then the host explaining what will take place in the next hour, which would include everyone having the chance to talk about where they are in the process, etc. 

Maybe this is why I haven’t joined a club just yet. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself to have all these grand ideas and plans to talk about – something worthy of listening ears. 

I’ve always wanted to join a writers’ group and most recently because I really want to connect to with others who hold the same passion for writing as me. I’m at the point where I’ve actively been looking.

So, for those who have been or are still a part of one, what do you find most beneficial and what should I look for?

Securing a Publishing Deal

I thought I’d share Nicola Perry’s short and simple outline for those wanting to get published traditionally:

Securing a publishing deal today actually entails:

1.  Writing a book

2.  Getting an agent

3.  Helping your agent latch onto something that will promote your book to publishers and large numbers of the book-buying public

So, to achieve your end goal, limit yourself to 3 projects – just the 3 –  that will support you in this.

1.  First and foremost, complete your book ensuring it’s the best it can be

2.  Finding the right agent for you, and interesting them in your book

3.  Have a marketing hook

Enjoy the process!

The End. But I’m Not finished, Am I?

I’m referring to my novel. I’m adequately aware that I’m far from finished as it’s only a first draft. Now, I have to focus on editing it. 

I’m quickly starting to realize that this is tougher than the draft. Why? Because the draft was full steam ahead in telling my story. Now? I’ve got to strengthen it. But how? I’ve got to ‘make every word count’ (yes, I remember the early years of reading Gary Provost!). Are they revealing the characters or advancing the story? As painstaking as it is, I must embrace editing if I want to make sure I’m producing my best. 

It’s not finished until it’s truly finished (editing and all).

Happy Thursday, everyone!

On the Subject of @#*&! in Writing

How graphical do you get and how often? That’s if you do. I’m the offender avoider – I use replacement words. Always done so and probably always will.

I remember doing work experience with a small publishers and literally every manuscript that came in was filled with curse words. 

I suppose it depends on who your audience are, the character in your novel and your background. 

What’s your take?