Editing: Every. Single. Chance.

I have realized that editing everyday isn’t possible right now. So, I’ve combat that by making sure I take advantage of every single chance I get. It’s less pressure and more productive because when the chance comes around, even if it’s ten minutes, I make sure I put everything into it. 

Yes, it’s taking a lot longer than I imagined but slow progress is still progress, and the way I see it is I’m doing, not getting in rut because things aren’t going my way.

How are you making things work for you?



Would you be a ghostwriter or have someone ghost write for you?

I started to think about this after looking up one of my favorite childhood authors, Virginia Andrews. Her storylines are unforgettable. So, when I came across her ghostwriter (mind you, he wasn’t enlisted until after she passed away, to keep her legacy going), I immediately wondered if I could ghost write or have someone ghost write for me. 

I guess it doesn’t matter so much if I’ve already got my work out there but I couldn’t imagine living my life with no work of my own. I’m not sure I could do that. And maybe it’s because having a published novel is important to me.

So, would you be a ghostwriter or have someone ghost write for you?

Nice Writer Syndrome

Who me? Surely not. But who am I kidding? I think I’ve got the bug. Yep, and the big one that rips right through your stomach. 

Nice Writer Syndrome, for those who don’t know, is when a Writer does not want to be mean to their well-loved character. But isn’t great writing about conflict? That’s the point. So, why do I have a hard time doing this to my main character? I think it’s because I want them to have an easy life and be likeable (to the detriment of my story). 

So, now that I realize this, I’m going to work extra hard at throwing conflict my main character’s way and make them work through it. That way I won’t have a cardboard cut out character (something my tutor pointed out in times past, but now I get it). I’m paying extra attention in my editing too, to make sure my story is all that it can be. 

Happy writing and editing! 😊

End of Year: Looking Back and Forward!

Looking back over 2017 I can say it’s definitely been a struggle but at the very least an upward one. 

I’m thankful for my accomplishments thus far, for this blog and for the people that take the time to like and respond to my posts. 

I’ve received some great advice over these twelve months and no doubt they will help me through 2018.

The beginning of 2018 should see my first novel edited (several times over) and with a beta reader ready in waiting and midday way through I’ll have am affirmative action (traditional or self-publish). Leaving the remainder to set everything in motion (depending on what route I choose), and then I’ll focus on completing my second novel. 

So, here’s to more writing, editing and proofing (and, of course, reading).

To all my connections on blogosphere and anyone else that has stopped by: enjoy the remaining couple days of the year and the start of a new one!


Objectivity in Editing…

… your own work, that is. 

So, I’ve put on my editors hat and I’m looking at the story and how I can improve it, but I’m feeling somewhat of a failure because maybe I’m not being as objective as I should be. 

Is this where I hand it over to someone to edit for me? I mean, I know I love some scenes so much, but is it to the point where I’m blind to seeing what it does for the story as a whole?

Ugh! If you’re successfully editing your own work, do you have any tips that could help? How do you stay objective?

Editing Other People’s Writing

Is it just me or is it easy to start editing other people’s work rather than starting on or completing your own?

Over the past two days I have been editing someone else’s book. And, looking back, finding the time to do that seemed effortless. Why couldn’t it be the case for mine?

I must say, I had a good couple of weeks editing my first novel and writing my second but I’m now finding that I try to find gaps in my day to work on them. Something always seems to come up in the mornings, and by the time it’s night time I’m so exhausted. It was working so well for a while. What gives?

Hopefully everything will settle and I’ll be back to my lovely morning book times.

A Night/Early Morning Writer

There used to be a time where I could write anytime I felt like it but that has since changed and now I find that I’m either a night or early morning writer. I do a lot of research and connecting the dots in the morning and more writing at night. 

I’ve recently adopted the age old quote, “where there’s a will there’s a way” because that’s what it is for me right now. I feel stuck in a rut if I’m not doing what I love! 

I’m still editing my first novel and I’ve begun my second novel, which I absolutely love. The goal is to have it completed by the end of the year and to have a plan for publishing (self or traditional – still undecided) going into next. 

I might need to adjust my time/schedule of writing or editing at a later date as situations change but, right now, if it’s not broken why fix it?

Happy writing and/or editing, everyone!